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How can I order without an account on Lazada website?


You can absolutely order on Lazada without an account:

1. Choose the product you want and proceed to checkout

2. At Email Login step, enter your email address and choose "Continue without password"

3. Enter your delivery information and choose your payment method

4. Place your order

For more detailed instruction on how to order, check out www.lazada.com.ph/how-to-buy

NOTE: The next time you try to place an order using the same email address, you will be prompted that an account already exists under your email address. This is for the account that was automatically generated for you when you first placed an order as a guest. In this way, you have your information and order history saved for your best online shopping experience.

To access your account, click on the "Lost your password" link and an email will be sent to you containing your password. Log-in at www.lazada.com.ph using this password and place your order. 

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